Why New Zealanders should visit Guam

Most of New Zealanders love to travel to and explore wonderful places in the world. But when it comes to travelling they make choices about where to go on very tough conditions. The place should have something extra ordinary in it in order to attract New Zealanders towards itself. Guam is one of such places that have the capabilities to attract the tourists from around the world.

If you have a plan to visit Guam and to go there and enjoy some beautiful days of your life, this article can help you a lot in deciding what to do there? You are not just confined to the inner activities in Guam rather the outdoor activities are there in great number for you. As this wonderful islands experiences a number sunny days throughout the year. Here are some of these great activities for you.

Go diving off Guam

If you are looking for the reasons that why should you visit Guam then Scuba diving is one of the most tempting reasons for you. It is also one of the major attractions for New Zealanders at Guam Island. The ocean floor contains some of the most beautiful coral reefs and the ship wrecks and the airplanes used in the World War II. There are also some spectacular diving spots in Guam that become the reason for the tourists to visit Guam. You arrange these diving tours especially for you.

Sailing at Guam

Sailing is also amongst the popular attractions for the tourists here in Guam. You can either register or rent the sailboats for you. These boats can be made available for you for a day or for even a whole weekend. You can use them in a number of ways for water recreation.

Dolphin Watch

Many New Zealanders often visit Guam in a hope that they will the dolphins out there. Guam is one of the great places to watch dolphins as it is located at a place that is near to the deepest portion of the ocean. This deepest part, therefore, is a great place of watching the dolphins. You especially have a tour of Guam just for the sake of watching these dolphins as they soothe you when you are watching these dolphins doing tricks. You can also opt to register a boat for yourself.

View Talofofo Falls

One of the most popular places to visit at Guam Island is the Talafofo Falls and the Talafofo Falls Park. It is a popular place amongst those who love swimming and probably the largest waterfall at Guam. This waterfall is a great source of attraction for New Zealander and becomes the sole reason for them to visit Guam.

Playing Golf in Guam

This small island has a large number of golf courses in it for providing entertainment to you. Some of the major golf names have designed seven world-class golf courses for the tourists to come here and enjoy their selves. The most famous of these great golf courses is probably the Talafofo golf course which comprises of 18-holes. It is situated on the southern half of Guam and is also considered the most difficult amongst all of the remaining golf courses.